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Article I — Name

Section 1. This organization shall be known as the "Hancock County Firefighters' Association."


Article II — Object.

Section 1. The object of this association shall be to promote an understanding and working relationship between member departments, to assist in further education along the lines of firefighting and emergency services, to gather and disseminate information of interest to local fire departments and other safety forces, to provide a forum serving as a medium for exchange of ideas on common problems and activities, to establish and improve mutual aid, to promote legislation for the benefit of the fire departments, and to improve our service dedicated to protecting the lives and property of Hancock County citizens through cooperative spirit in the association.


Article III — Membership

Section 1. Any fire department, industrial brigade, EMS, law enforcement or the EMA within Hancock County, Ohio or any other party to the Hancock County Fire Mutual Aid Agreement shall be eligible for membership.

Section 2. The Dues of the association shall be $100.00 per year, payable at the January meeting each year.

Section 3. The fiscal year of this association shall be from January 1 to December 31.

Section 4. Any individual or organization not defined in Section 1 shall be granted associate membership status. Associate members shall not have voting privileges nor shall they hold office.


Article IV — Officers

Section 1. Officers of this association shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer

Section 2. Election of officers will be held in the December meeting. A slate of officers will be presented at the November meeting by a nominating committee appointed by the president of the October meeting. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the November meeting.

Section 3. All officers shall be elected for a period of one year.

Section 4. In case of resignation or death of an officer, the president shall call for nominations and an election to fill said vacancy at the regular or special meeting.

Section 5. In the event that an officer cannot fulfill the obligation associated with the position, such officer will be relieved of the said office. Any member in good standing with the organization may bring the issue up at a regular meeting of the organization, at which time a committee consisting of two officers and two members shall investigate the allegations and report back to the general membership with their recommendations. At such time a remedy of resignation, removal from office, or the recommendation no action to be taken will be brought before the general membership in the form of a motion and subsequent vote.


Article V — Duties of Officers

Section 1. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings, to preserve strict order and decorum during the meeting, to enforce the bylaws of the association and allow proper discussion on a subject before a vote, to cast the deciding vote on questions in case of a tie vote, and to promote the interest and welfare of the association at all times.

Section 2. It shall be the duty of the Vice President to assist the President at all times and in the absence of the President to assume his duties and preside at the meetings.

Section 3. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to record accurate minutes of the transactions of the association, to read reports, communications and other documents presented to the association, to carry on communications and convey summons of the association, and to keep records of all of these mentioned.

Section 4. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive all moneys and maintain an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements of the association.


Article VI — Time and Place of Meetings

Section 1. The association shall meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM.

Section 2. The place of the meeting shall be designated by the "host" fire department each month, and will be rotated to member departments on a yearly schedule.

Section 3. Special meetings may be called by the President. All member departments must be notified at least five (5) days in advance by the Secretary.

Section 4. A majority of the departments shall constitute a quorum.


Article VII — Representation

Section 1. Each member shall be entitled to one (1) vote on all matters of business pertaining to conduct of the association and its activities.

Section 2. Every delegate and/or alternate shall be recognized only when properly certified by his respective department

Section 3. Any member may express an opinion from the floor after being properly recognized by the chair.


Article VIII — Order of Business

Section 1. All meetings shall be conducted according to "Robert's Rules of Order."

Section 2. Any delegate wishing to voice an opinion will address the chair and receive permission before speaking.

Section 3. The President may exercise the authority to ask any member to be seated or leave the meeting should said member become too troublesome.

Section 4. Meeting shall be conducted in the following manner:


    Call to order

    Call roll of officers and member departments

    Reading and approval of meeting minutes

    Reading and approval of Treasurer's report

    Reports of officers and committees

    Reading of communications, notices, and bills

    Unfinished business

    New business

    Nominations and elections

    Place of next meeting

    Good of the association



Article IX — Association Educational Scholarship

This amendment is to establish a Scholarship Fund Committee to administer a fund, designated by the members of the Hancock County Firefighters' Association, to provide a monetary scholarship toward an education in fire science, Law enforcement, or the medical field (i.e. EMS, Nursing, Medical Doctor, or any other related medical field.) Such scholarship fund can be awarded to a graduating High School student, or anyone that has graduated from high school that lives in the fire district of a member of The Hancock County Firefighters' Association. This scholarship is made in memory of Frank Potts, a highly respected fire educator from McComb, Ohio.

The President of the Association will be responsible to serve as chairman of said committee, and as chairman, will appoint four (4) members to serve on this committee. Two (2) members will be representatives of the fire service, one (1) member will represent the emergency medical service and one(1) member will represent the law enforcement service. No two members will be from the same fire department. The appointment of the committee members shall be made by or at the March meeting of the Association each year. The review of applications and a determination of the selected recipient shall be made by the May meeting of the Association. The presentation of the scholarship shall be made at the June meeting of the Association. The money will be paid to an accredited school of the recipients choice account in their name.



Article I. The By-laws of the association shall be equally binding with the constitution.

Article II. No appropriations of any funds belonging to the association may be made or contracted except by authority of two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at any meeting.

Article III. The President shall appoint, at the annual meeting in December, a committee of three to audit the accounts and books of the Treasurer.

Article IV. Amendments to these by-laws must be presented in writing at a regular meeting of the association, and shall be held over for action until the next scheduled (regular) meeting, at which time they may be adopted by a two- thirds (2/3) vote of the members present.

Article V. Memorial Donations

As funds permit, a memorial donation may be made in memory of active members in good standing or retired members who were active and in good standing during their years of service.  A donation of twenty-five (25) dollars will be made to the organization of their choice.  The chief of the member’s department must notify the association President of such passing for the donation to be given.


Article VI. Life Members

In effort to honor individual’s years of service and dedication to the association, Life Memberships can be granted to individuals in good standing with the association upon retirement with a minimum of 25 years of membership.  Nominations for Life Membership must be presented by a current member in good standing with the association.  The nomination will be adopted by a majority of two-thirds (2/3) roll call vote of members present.